If you want to take part in a trip you need to register with the registration forms or just call Günter. You can fill out the Excel or OpenOffice documents on your computer and send them to us by email. Or print the Adobe PDF and fill it out by hand and send it via fax (or scanned by email) to:

Günter Haltmayer, Tel: +49 (0)39933-71836, Fax: +49 (0)39933-71837,
Luckower Weg 13, D-17194 Vollrathsruhe

All trips will take after the conference (06.-11. September 2010)

On top of our organised trips, German hosts and fellow potters will offer advice on travelling during the days after the conference. More information on that will be provided at the conference.

Mini Bus Tours

Our mini bus tours are a demanding way of travelling and tailored to the needs of ceramicists. We travel in small groups of 8 people per bus (plus driver) and a local potter guides us to the interesting wood firing potteries in the region. Of course, we will also get to know country and people. If possible, we will stay overnight at the potter’s home and eating and shopping will be organised along the trip. A sleeping bag is needed for overnight accommodation and due to the nature of this trip, we will not always be able to adjust our plans to individual wishes.  
But if everything works according to plan, this will be an unforgettable, unique journey to the most exciting wood firing kilns and potteries in Germany and abroad. Some of the tours will end in the western parts of Germany. Participants wishing to travel further to the AIC-Conference in Paris can take advantage of the relative proximity.

For some of the tours, we are still looking for guides, please see notes for individual tours. Please contact me with any ideas:
Jens-Peter Planke

Tour 3 with Hanno Leischke: Hesse – Thuringia – Saxony
On this tour, we visit famous traditional pottery towns such as Görzke, Bürgel , Krauschwitz, Waldenburg as well as the cradle of the ‘Kassel Kiln’ in Großalmerode with its interesting and more contemporary wood firing potteries. Our final destination after the journey through this land of cultural treasures is the potter’s market in Dresden.
On Monday, we leave early from Bröllin and Pasewalk for a rather long journey to Großalmerode in northern Hesse. Our first stop is in Görzke in Fläming, a small pottery town with three old workshops. After lunch, we have the opportunity to stop over at Krügers in Blankenheim in the Mansfelder Land to have a look at their fantastic Anagama ceramics. The final destination of this day are the workshops of Michael Üffing and Carline Bohlmann near Großalmerode in northern Hesse. Our two colleagues will be also our hosts for this night.
On Tuesday, we follow the trail to the cradle of the ‘Kassel Kilns’. A visit to the museum in Großalmerode and a smelting plant(Uebersetzung fuer Schmelztiegelwerk??) in Epterode is planned. After lunch, we continue our journey to Hartmut Schönfelder in Thuringia and to Ludwig Laser who will offer us accommodation. On Wednesday, we visit the small pottery town Bürgel where we are invited to visit the workshops of Christine Freigang (and her father Walter Gebauer) who has an interesting collection of Bürgeler stoneware. After a visit to the Pottery Museum and the last remaining Kasseler Kiln in Bürgel, we take a break for lunch. In the afternoon, we have a drive through Saxony to the Polish border with a stop in Waldenburg. We finally reach the workshops of Kathrin Najorka and Gordon Gran in Krauschwitz where we will stay for the night. On Thusday, we continue our journey and visit the beautiful town of Görlitz and visit the pottery of Iris Schöne in the Zittauer mountains. In the
evening, we reach Dresden and the pottery Thunig. On Friday, we have the opportunity to have a closer look at the two potteries of Johannes Makolis and Hanno Leischke. The afternoon is free since the Dresden potters will have to prepare for their market.
On Saturday and Sunday, we take part in the cheerful hustle and bustle of this beautiful German potter’s market – from the setting up on Saturday morning to the taking down on Sunday evening.
After this exiting week we will return to Pasewalk and Bröllin.

Price: 195 Euros for the bus trip and the tour guide. Please, also calculate in additional expenses for meals, accommodation, entrance fees and ‘thank-you-presents’.

Tour 4  with Jens-Peter Planke: North-West Germany – Netherlands  - Westerwald
This tour leads us to a couple of anagamas in Holstein and Lower Saxony and two legendary brickworks and Dutch wood firerers. Our final destination is the region of the Westerwald, where we visit old and new kilns. On our return journey, we have the opportunity to visit the potter’s market in Leitzkau near Magdeburg.
On our first day, our destination is the pottery of Jan Kollowitz in Cismar, an old monastery village north of Lübeck. During our journey across Mecklenburg-West Pomerania we take short break at the pottery farm Lenzen and a lunch break in the nearby village. On Tuesday, our journey will lead us through the port of Hamburg to Sabine Kratzer in Scholen near Bremen. In the evening, we have planned an overnight stay in the workshop of Martin McWilliam. Wednesday is brickyard day. We start off with a visit to the sensational peat fire brickyard in Nenndorft/ Ostfriesland (maybe with a visit to the peat yard), to continue with a longer journey to the steam brickyard Meyer in Vrasselt at the Lower Rhine. The plan is to stay overnight in the hospitable house of Pim and Niek Hooglan in Steyl/ Tegelen (Netherlands). On Thursday, our first stop will be with the Dutch wood firer Joop Crompfoets in Swalmen followed by a visit to Hein Jansen in Brunssum and the beautiful ceramics museum in Raeren (Belgium). After having driven on winding roads through the Eifel, we reach Höhr-Grenzhausen where we stay overnight with some of our colleagues. On Friday we explore Höhr-Grenzhausen and its surroundings. It is worth visiting the ceramics museum, the Kannofen at the Institut for Ceramic Art as well as at Böhmers and Bolko Peltner. The visit to Rainer Helfrich’s 120-cubicmetre salt kiln in Ransbach-Baumbach is a real must. If we are in the mood, we can also visit the shut down pipe pottery Günther in Hilgert. On Sunday, after another night in Höhr-Grenzhausen, those of us who want to return to Mecklenburg, drive to Leitzkau where we can have a look around the local potter’s market and make a tour to Magdeburg. Sunday evening, after the market has been taken down, we return to Lenzen. On Monday, we finally return to Waren/Neubrandenburg.
Price: 195 Euros for the bus trip and the tour guide. Please allow additional expenditure for meals, accommodation, entrance fees and ‘thank-you-presents’.

Tour 5 with Birke Kästner: Mecklenburg in three days
This trip is designed for those of us who don’t want to travel around too much and rather prefer to be introduced to the hosts of the conference and their country.
On Monday, our itinerary leads us to the brickyard Benzin with its Hoffman circular kiln and to Ute Dreist in Techentin. In the afternoon, we have planned a visit to Katrin Otolski and her rustic earthenware pottery. We finish the day in Lenzen where three wood firing potters live: Jens-Peter Planke and his traditional brown pottery, Birgit Hasse and Hanno Leischke. On Tuesday, we stop over at Mecklenburg-West Pomerania’s capital Schwerin and at Dalberg to the workshop of Birke Kästner, our tour guide. We also make a little detour to Jan Kollwitz in Cismar, near Lübeck. If time allows, we will try to visit the old hanseatic town of Wismar and wrap up the day in for us very formative workshop of the family Löber in Saal. On Wednesday, we start off with a visit to the farm of Jürgen and Angelika Reich in Bargeshagen near Rostock, followed by a visit to Friedemann Henschel in the farm house Panschenhagen. We enjoy the rest of the evening at Markus Böhm’s home in Alt Gaarz near the Müritz, one of Mecklenburgs largest lakes – a culinary surprise will be waiting there!
You are invited to stay overnight, or if you prefer, you can travel home. For those of us who take the train home, we will organise a transfer to the nearest train station Neustrelitz or Waren.
Price: 120 Euros for the bus trip and the tour guide. Please allow additional expenditure for meals, accommodation, entrance fees and ‘thank-you-presents’.

Tour 6 With the sleeping carriage to Paris - right in time for the IAC pré-conference tour
The best connection from Bröllin woodfire to the IAC pré-conference tour! With going by the night train Berlin-Paris the participants will be at 9.30 a.m. at Gâre de l'Est - very near to the meeting point for the IAC-tour. We bought all the cheap tickets for this train that we could get and sell it to you without any commission! And the best thing: the cabins are all very near to each other so that the IAC-woodfirers can go more or less as a group! Prices: 4-6 bed cabin: 89,- EUR, 3 bed cabin.
Unfortunately we only could get 13 tickets, after they are sold it will be much more expensively, so we recommend quick booking.

responsible for the concept and planning is
Jens-Peter Planke, Töpferhof Lenzen, +49(0)3848120074, Waldstr. 11-12, 19406 Lenzen