Kiln Workshop: Owen Rye at Bröllin

The kiln we build is intended as a basic starter kiln for anyone who wants to begin woodfiring and learn the basics of controlling woodfiring; although it can be used for more advanced work. It is a versatile design that can be adapted to many purposes – flyash surfacing, glaze firing, salt glazing; and can be used at any temperature from bisque firing to stoneware. As always the type of wood used as fuel will have a very big influence on the results.

The kiln is a simple rectangular box built from standard firebricks, with a step grate style firebox allowing good control of atmosphere, and an open top for ease of loading. You should bring some gloves to protect your hands from the sharp edges of new bricks. If you have any kiln building tools bring them if you wish to use them.

Workshop participants should bring bisque-fired work ready to fire – the workshop is about kiln building and firing, not about making. Generally the work  will be no bigger than 30 cms high. Please do not bring rectangular shapes, these tend to block flame. Textures to catch ash are desirable. Use clays that mature at cone 7 to 9 preferably so we can experiment with long soaking at full temperature. For clay use stoneware including clays you have dug yourself, porcelain, and mixtures of porcelain and darker clays are OK. We will aim to share kiln space equally among all participants.

In stacking the kiln we will aim at a setting that allows heat along the floor of the kiln, to avoid the common beginners result where work at the top is well fired and work at the kiln floor has not gone much beyond bisque temperature.

Everyone involved in the kiln firing must wear suitable clothing (wool or cotton, not synthetic), that covers your  legs and arms, and should bring sturdy leather gloves, safety glasses if you use them and some kind of head protection (I use a bandana).

If you are paid up for the workshop and have any questions please contact Owen:     - English please.

Course Dates:
25. of August evening (arrive and get acquainted) until 5.September 2010 with a break for cooling during the conference
Course Location: Broellin Castle
Number of Participants: 16 to 20
190.- euros for kalkspatz members and 210.- euros for non-members, including kiln building materials and wood fuel. (we have used sponsor money to keep the costs of this course so unusually low)
Contents:     - the building of the „Little Ripper Kiln.“
              - the glazing and firing of brought along ceramic objects and tea bowls.
              - Kiln opening and discussion of the results
Lodging: possible in Broellin with the same conditions as for the conference.
During the workshop until the beginning of the conference you can also book double/single rooms with shower and WC ensuite/not ensuite. Please ask Günter for the details.
Provisions: can also be booked in Broellin; three meals a day cost 15.- euros. The bookings take place informally through kalkspatz.

Booking takes place differently than normal through
Guenter Haltmayer, Luckower Weg 13, D-17194 Vollrathsruhe, +49 (0)39933-71836, 

The normal participant regulations for kalkspatz seminars apply. The registration is binding upon payment.

The seminar can only be booked together with the Wood Fire Conference!
»The Little Ripper«, workshop in China together with Chester Nealie